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Physician's Assistant (Mid-Level Practitioner)

Department of Justice/Bureau of Prisons | Herlong CA 96113 USA | Full Time | Posted: 03/18/2016

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Physician’s Assistant (Mid-Level Practitioner)

Do Your Career Justice! 

Why is it Great to Work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons?  The Bureau of Prisons requires high standards of safety, security, sanitation, and discipline, which promotes a physical and emotionally sound environment for both staff and inmates.  "All" Bureau of Prisons staff share a common role as "Correctional Workers First", requiring a mutual responsibility for maintaining safe and secure institutions regardless of one's position, tenure or other factors.

 The institution is located 50 miles north of Reno, Nevada and 35 miles south of Susanville, California.  Reno is a vibrant city known for its great nightlife, access to the wonderful outdoor recreation, and for being the "Biggest Little City in the World".  At an elevation of 4,400 feet, Reno is within minutes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe.  Susanville offers a relaxed and healthy life for its citizens.  Since it is located among forested mountains, it offers plenty of opportunities for hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, boating, horseback riding, golf, and cycling.

FCI Herlong is one of the Bureau's best kept secrets.  We are committed to correctional excellence and invite you to join us.


The Incumbent works collaboratively with the staff physician(s) and consulting physician(s) in planning, instituting, evaluating and revising program plans; assists in determining conditions, resources and policies essential to delivery of the health care services. Discriminates between normal and abnormal findings to recognize early stages of serious physical, emotional, or mental problems. Incumbent manages the daily operation of the clinic and conducts daily sick call; which may also include securing health and developmental history from the patient, recording findings and making critical evaluations. Serves as the primary provider for routine requests for evaluation of new complaints, for routine recurring visits for chronic illnesses, and emergencies when clinically indicated. Establishes diagnostic impressions and requests appropriate diagnostic tests (e.g., laboratory, x-ray, visual acuity and electrocardiogram) and ability to interpret results and selected laboratory findings to include the following: •Clinical Laboratory - urinalysis, complete blood counts, staining and examination of smears for bacteria, blood glucose, audio hearing tests. •Radiology - preliminary interpretation of radiographs to identify gross abnormalities such as fractures, etc. •Optometry - screening for distance and near vision by use of charts and visual screening machines. •Electrocardiograph Operations - operates electrocardiographic machine and has basic concepts of interpretation of the tracing to detect abnormalities. •Dental - able to perform screening dental examinations, charting and recognizing gross abnormalities of the gum and teeth by means of percussion and palpation and interpretation of dental radiographs. •Mental Health - capable of screening for gross mood change, disoriented patterns of behavior, or speech. Takes brief psychiatric, drug, and alcohol abuse history. General knowledge to identify a particular mental disorder such as depression or anxiety and provides emergency treatment and care. Evaluates total health care needs of patients and develops plans to meet these needs. Makes decisions concerning medical care needs of the patient with the supervising physician. Assists the supervisory physician(s) in management of chronic health problems and assists the physician(s) in performing more exhaustive diagnosis and treatments. Teaches and demonstrates the application of good health practices to patients. Will assist and work collaboratively with the physician in management of selected complex medical problems. Makes decisions concerning medical care needs of the patient with the physician, as well as decisions regarding special needs. May assist the physician in performing more exhaustive diagnosis and treatment. Serves in a teaching capacity in the training and development of other health care personnel. Along with all other correctional institution employees, incumbent is charged with responsibility for maintaining security of the institution. The staff correctional responsibilities precede all others required by this position and are performed on a regular and recurring.

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Location Herlong, CA, 96113, United States
Annual Salary 52,785.00 - 81,714.00/Yearly
Categories Medical/Health
Sec Clearances Other
Pref Degree Masters

Location Maptop

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Contact Name David Law
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Primary Phone 530-827-8000
Job Code BOP-N-2016-0008

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